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Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

Happy RDN day to my fellow dietitian's out there! Since EAT was founded by a then RD2BE, and promotes a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, I thought we would celebrate Registered Dietitian day by bringing you a list of some healthy living instagram's run by some of our favorite RD's! @NUTRITIONSTRIPPED // Hands down one of our favorite blogs; we are constantly inspired by all of McKel's plant based recipes!  @honestlynourished // hello most gorgeous (and hilarious!) insta feed! Katie makes healthy eating look glamorous! @simplytaylorblog // Another gorgeous feed full of wholesome ingredients and healthy recipes, and she's coming out with a cookbook in 2017?! Can. Not. Wait. @emilyfonnesbeck_rd // Emily is on a mission to throw out the concept of dieting, and...

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