11 different KALE recipes

I feel like there are only two camps when it comes to kale. You either love it, or you love to hate it. But what's not to love about a vegetable that packs so many nutrients and health benefits into it's delicious leaves? Personally, us at EAT healthy designs LOVE IT. I mean, we put it on almost everything in our shop. Well not really, but I feel like we do. We have the KALEIN IT baseball tee, the KALEIN IT tee, our KALEIFORNIA GIRL tanks, and tote, our guys KALE LOVE tee, and even have it on one of our food pun pencils. If that wasn't enough kale for you we will be putting these fun KALE infographic cards in each order for the next few months! 

Ok, enough about us. Today, I've rounded up 11 different delicious ways to enjoy our favorite green leafy vegetable from some of our favorite bloggers that I think would convert even the captain of the "love to hate it" kale camp. 

1. Apple glazed turkey sausage and chopped greens stir fry //  Selena from The Nutritious Kitchen makes it easy to get a serving of kale in by using a bag of pre-chopped cruciferous vegetables from Trader Joes in this delicious recipe. 

2. Kale Salad with warm maple bacon vinaigrette //  Dana of Real Food, Real Family KALED IT with this simple, yet delicious salad. As an added bonus, Dana has some tips on how to buy and chop up kale at the end of her blog post. 

3. Baked Eggs with Garlic Kale and Sun Dried Tomatoes //  Throw in sun dried tomatoes and eggs over easy with some kale and you have a new favorite brunch recipe for Sunday's! But really, I'm fan of anything McKel of Nutrition Stripped does.

4. Smashed Sweet Potatoes with kale and black beans //  This fiesta inspired meal created by Marisa of Uproot Kitchen could not be more perfect. Seriously, you pulled me in at sautéed vegetables over roasted sweet potatoes, and had me at melted cheddar cheese. 

5. BBQ lentils and Kale Salad // Where all my BBQ lovers at? Carlene of Healthfully Ever After has us covered with this super simple yet filling recipe packed full of fiber, protein, and loads of vitamin A and C! 

6. Italian Harvest Soup // Maybe you're over the kale salads, I get it. Rekindle your love for kale by throwing it into a soup along side other vegetables! The Registered Dietitian duo behind Simply Nourished Recipes have turned a few simple ingredients into a nourishing and comforting meal. 

7. Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken Pizza // Kale on pizza? Oh yeah, Kylie went there and spoiler alert, it's delicious. Kylie is a foodie super hero, and her blog Imma Eat That is full of delicious recipes you need to be making like yesterday.

8. Avocado Kale Smoothie // Sure there are all kinds of "green smoothie" recipes featuring kale floating around pinterest, but Maryanne of The little Epicurean threw in avocado and just changed the green smoothie game forever. 

9. Kale and Mango salad with Poppyseed dressing // Alex is the registered dietitian behind the blog Delicious Knowledge, and the genius who put together this nutritious combination of massaged kale, mangos, perfect avocados, and creamy poppyseed dressing.

10. Turkey and Greens Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms // Oh hello delicious giant mushroom stuffed with kale and topped with melted cheese. Now why didn't I think of that. Head to Erica's blog, Erica Julson, and grab the recipe for your new favorite weeknight dinner.

11. Marinated Kale and Chicken Bowls with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce //  Lindsay and her husband are the talented duo behind the mouth-water blog Pinch of Yum. I mean, it's taking all my will power to not lick the screen right now. BRB going to go make this nourishing bowl now. 

Us at the LOVE IT kale camp, welcomes all you HATE TO LOVE IT camp members with open arms! Now which one of these recipes do you want to dive straight into first? 

All photographs in this post are the property of the individual authors of the blogs mentioned throughout this post. 


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